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Our Team

Welcome to Anubis Paranormal investigations, we are a non profit ltd company from the Wirral, in the north west, we are a small group of professional and experienced investigators and our team also consists of working mediums and guests mediums, we also have two training parapsychologists.

Our team has been put togethor froms friends of all walks of life who are all interested in the world of paranormal.

                     We hold and attend events mainly in the north west and north wales but are eager to explore our hunting area. we visit some amazing and spectacular venues and locations with one main important thing on our minds.... Respect! we hold upmost respect not only to the locations but to any spirits we encounter good or bad ?, the second most important and just as equal as the first is our attendees as your safety and enjoyment is very important to us.

           Our team is safety trained and we are on hand for anyone at anytime needing our help. We also use an array of equipment and perform many activities which we hugely encourage all our guest to partake in but they you do not have to use any equipment you are uncomfortable with, remember it is your night in seeking answers we are just here to assist you so please feel free to join in whether it be lone vigils or board work, please dont be afraid or are you .............

           We hold relivent insurances and have terms and conditions in place for your safety which we ask you all to sign at the start of all events ! Very often you will have to sign a locations fire register alongside ours. During the events we begin with introductions and a safety talk , then its on to a walk about with lights on before you set of into teams and lights out and lock down begins, during the evening there will be refreshment breaks supplied by us and smoking areas will be assigned at the start of the night,  please do not smoke out of these areas.

                            Please bring any of your equipment and do not forget a torch! During investigations we do work with spirit boards , evp , emf, white noise , glass divination, diving rods, pendulums, k2 meters , sceance, trigger objetcs, automatic writing , sesnor alarms , laser lights (not strobe) hydro meters , video recording , table tipping, lone vigils, singapore theorys, human pendulum, mirror scrying, trance work , face changing, heat guns, phsychic drawing and much much more.



         It just leaves me to say " Get on board and get booking and come and see what lies beyond our world "

Mandy Fellows Owner & Paranormal Investigator


Edward Fellows Logistics and Security

Linzi Robertson Paranormal Investigator

Andrea Greatorex Working Medium

Jan Cavanagh Paranormal Investigator

Si Gamble Paranormal Investigator

Michael Piggot Paranormal Investigator

Garry Fields Tv Medium Guest medium

Rev Michael Boyd Guest Medium

Dawn Dixon Paranormal Investigator

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